Tree and Shrub Pruning: Removing dead wood, stubs, weak or rubbing branches, thinning the branch structure, pruning fruit trees for crop production, elevating for vista or lawn maintenance, elevating over sidewalks, cutting limbs back from wires and buildings.

Removals: Dead or severely damaged trees, trees in the way of construction, trees too close to buildings, leaning trees, hollow or decayed trees

okStorm Damage Repair: Repair and removal of storm debris with our crane and bucket trucks help your property recover from natural disasters..

Lot Clearing: Save the valuable specimens if possible, remove those undesirable weed trees, fence off the trees that heavy equipment could destroy through soil compaction and regrading.

Insect Control: I.P.M., injection, cover sprays; We will design a program to fit your needs.

Fertilization: Help your trees, shrubs and lawns with applications of fertilizer. Selected steps prescribed may include time released liquid, granular fertilizer, micro nutrients, all natural bio stimulants, or mycorrhizae. Lime, gypsum or activated charcoal can also amend the soil conditions.

Lightning Protection:Protection of large trees in exposed locations or large trees close to residences.

Cabling and Bracing: Support for weak or damaged crotchs to help prevent splitting.

Stump Grinding: Removal of the stump 10" to 12" below grade so the area can be reseeded or replanted.

Site Mediation: Radial slit trenching from 1' to 4' deep to aid trees suffering from excessive back fill, soil compaction, hardpan or poor drainage. Vertical core aeration uses 2" or 4" plugs 12/24" deep. plugs are removed to provide aeration columns in soil. Trenches or cores can be backfilled with a blend of ectomychorhizal fungi, compost and soil to help rebuild a damaged rhigosperic layer of soil. Root control with slit trenching and physical barriers to help deter roots under patios, walks, drives, tees or greens. Root control done only if the action would be unlikely to create a tree hazard.

Landscape Design and Installations: Put the right tree or shrub in the right location. Do it once, do it right.Do not plant the tree that is genetically programmed to grow 80 feet tall underneath those wires or in that small space next to your front steps. Imagine the tree at maturity.

Deer Tick Control: Control of these pests during nymph stage provides excellent results. We can get them before they get you.

Lawn Weed and Grub Control: Complete lawn pest and weed programs, however we do not mow.

Lawn Renovations: Aeration, re-seeding or total kill (starting over).

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